Computer not working 220 in 115v

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Eliaschr, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Eliaschr

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    Hello there i have a problem with my computer. I just moved over to southamerica from europé and i hade 220volt in my house. I know here there is one outlet for 115v and one for 220v. I got a cable for the 115v but nothing happend when i tried to start the pc. I have an "be quiet atx 700watt [​IMG] .it does not have an switch for voltage. I took the cable i cut it and i got an adapter for the 220volt here is the problem. I have an blue red and greencable to screw in the new adapter and i dont want to confuse +- and earth [​IMG][/IMG]
    This is the thing i got for the 220 outlet.

    I havet no idea IF its correct. The screws do have some color on them like red browish but im not sure and i dont want to frie my atx. Any ideas?
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  2. salvage-this

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    You answer most likely lies in the first picture. Your PSU is only rated for 200v-240v. You would need to get a PSU that is capable of handling 115v

  3. beers

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    Please don't screw around if you don't know what you're doing. Note that your PSU only accepts ~220v at 50 Hz.

    They make transformer/converter boxes if you're living in another place, but it might just be cheaper to buy a power supply that supports 110v/60hz.
  4. smellsorange

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    You can't mix and match this sort of deal.

    220 devices ONLY for 220

    115 ONLY for 115.


    You're going to burn the place down doing what you're picturing.
  5. Eliaschr

    Eliaschr New Member

    Thank you for all the answers. I will go and buy a new psu that supports 115v 60hz

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