Concern about overhanging cable...


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Hi sorry if this is just a paranoid question but -- I have that thin gauge fan wire (red/black) that is directly over my heatsink/fan. not resting on it but a good length up. should i try to move that wire around so its not in that position? im just worried about the heat and the wires melting causing a fire or something .thanks!


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Umm, so you are afraid that the fan grill might catch on fire? If that is what you are saying, then its the most stupid idea I have ever heard, first of all have you got any idea how hot it would take to ignite even some flammable like paper? I doubt that the air the fan blows out is anyway NEAR that temperature, if it is, the fan would have melted first.
Also its ludicrous to even suggest that the air blowing out if a fan is hot enough to melt metal, I doubt it can even melt solder, which has a relatively low melting point.


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No, it isn't bad, you could move some of the wires in your case around though, to get generally better airflow.