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Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by DanielMaxwell, Nov 24, 2016.

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    I came here to the forums looking for help, because I bought myself a HDMI cable today to connect my own built PC with my Samsung ue32h5500ak Smart TV. When I connected the HDMI into PC's port and TV's port (HDMI SBK, labelled in orange for some reason) it did absolutley nothing. When I go from my TV remote control to sources and choose HDMI1, it says that I have no signal and check your connections and sorts (but it still recognizes that a HDMI cable is in the TV) and my PC does absolutley nothing (there should be 2 displays in the display settings, but it only shows 1 for me, which is the monitor).

    I have reset my TV to factory standards and also unplugged power of the TV for 10 minutes, reconnected the HDMI, but no help.

    Can anyone please help me?

    With best regards,
  2. voyagerfan99

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    Is there more than one HDMI port on the TV? If so did you put the TV input into the correct HDMI?

    If that's all good, then plug everything back in and go into display properties in Windows and click the detect button to see if you can force detect the TV.
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    There's also Windows key + P in order to quickly extend or mirror a secondary display.

    How is your monitor connected? Did you plug the TV into an onboard port?

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