Continuous feed ink systems

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by bbudesa, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. bbudesa

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    Has anyone tried these? [​IMG]

    Good? Bad?

    I'm tired of draining Hip National Bank for ink, and looking for solutions.

  2. _Pete_

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    I haven't actually owned one but I was an IT tech in a school a couple of years ago and we had one in a classroom. The print heads were for ever blocking up and occasionally the pipes. This was about five years ago so maybe they have improved. I believe the secret to keeping a printer working is to use it on a regular basis. Of course that strategy could well use up your ink quicker than you would like but the printer manufacturers love it because they only make money selling you ink cartridges.
  3. bbudesa

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    Thanks Pete. I use the printer almost daily, so tubes/print heads drying up probably wouldn't be a problem.

    Some of these systems cost less than two regular cartridges, and if used on a regular basis (in other words, kept clean and operating), it's equivalent to something like 25ยข a cartridge over the life of the system!

    No other opinions/comments on this issue? You must enjoy paying through the a$$ for printer cartridges, eh?
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