Corsair Blue Switches vs Razer Green clicky switches? which is louder?

My first mechanical keyboard was an AZIO MGK1 and that thing was built like a tank, not only that the sound of the mechanical Blue switches was very loud and pronounced which I loved. Very clicky. I bought a Corsair Strafe (RGB) for the RGB as my second mechanical keyboard and sold the AZIO one expecting the same response from the switches on the Corsair however the sound of the Corsair Strafe RGB with blue switches is very dim and not very loud. I like that loud noticeable clicky sound this one sounds cheap. Are all blue switches built like that?

I was looking at the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 for $50 on eBay ($60 with 1 year warranty) but was wondering if the Razer Blackwidow Chroma with Green switches would sound louder in terms of clicky than the Corsair Strafe or if they would be about the same?

Was hoping someone who has used both keyboard could tell me if the Razer is louder? Very disappointed with the Corsair Strafe.


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I'd say the Razer Green switches are a tad more "click-ier" sounding based on videos I've seen on the web.