cpu and motherboard upgrade


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Hey I am looking to upgrade my cpu and motherboard.
I am using the computer for gaming, mostly playing: lol, titanfall 2, cs go, rocket leage, apex legend

now I have:
graphic card: gtx 1060 6gb
motherboard: ga-h97m-hd3
cpu: intel core i5-4460 3.2gh
psu: xcp-a600 with 600w

my budget is around 500$
thanks for the help.


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You also really should change out that power supply for something better since its really only pushing out 432 watts on the dual rail 12V lines. You'll need a 600 watt psu in the $55-$65 range. Look for brands EVGA, Corsair, Thermaltake smart power series.


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As per @Darren you'd also need DDR4 to go with it.

If you can hang on another year DDR5 is about to drop next year breh.