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    Maybe I missed it but where on earth does he say that he has a 7 year old computer that can fit an i5 8600K without a platform upgrade? Anything he gets will be a whole platform.

    Edit: Pretty good article on the 8700K vs the 2700X in gaming. Note the GPU's are pretty much the fastest you can get and the 2700X is within a handful of frames in every test if not matching the 8700K. Only Hitman has a very noticeable difference and if you're on a mid range GPU the difference will basically disappear. 2700X is $100 cheaper, and much better at multi tasking. Extra $100 for a GPU would be better too.

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    Ok I can't do this anymore, I'm just seeing how far you'll let me go before you ban me, realistically I couldn't care less about any of it. :eek: ban hammer away!! :)
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    Erm what. I bring up a pretty important detail that regardless of the previous discussion is relevant to his purchase decision (one you seemed very invested in) and suddenly you don't care anymore after intentionally stirring up a debate. Got it. My link even supports your assertion Intel is better for gaming.

    I never had a problem with your opinion (you'll notice I even agreed), just your inability to communicate effectively or with some shred of decency. I'm not gonna ban someone for disagreeing with me but if you're actively admitting to stirring up crap just to "see how far you'll let me go" then maybe just don't post next time and save us all the headache.
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    How is that argument any different than the AM4 variants which still contain higher core counts and still are significantly faster in multithreaded workloads?
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