CPU Mother Board Ram Compatibility


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I have a pc with this spec
The processor is i5-4440, Ram is DDR3 2GBx2 = 1600Mhz, Motherboard is Asus B85-M-E
My motherboard has 4 ram slots I am using 2 slots at the moment. My processor spec is saying that the processor can only handle 2 rams. Can I use my 4 slots without a problem? Or will it limit to 2 rams


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My processor spec is saying that the processor can only handle 2 rams
Are you referring to 'channels'? You'd have to populate all of the slots to achieve the 32GB max in the processor link. Per the green portion of the screenshot you have two channels (A/B) and then two slots per channel (DIMM 1/2, each). There's no issue populating the rest, you'd generally want to try to match the speed/timings/voltage of your existing kit if you plan on still using that in addition to the upgrade.



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Your best bet would be to get a kit of 2 x 4gb sticks if you want total of 8 gb or 2 x 8gb if you want 16gb total. Even mixing brands could cause problems even if speed and timings are the same.


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I've ran different pairs of Memory and had not too many problems. If they have different speeds and timing it will default to the slowest pair. The Speed seems to take care of itself by default. The problems I have had if they are (completely) different timings and voltage