CPU, RAM and Task Manager information or doubts?

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  1. The usage of CPU keeps fluctuating in Task Manager from 5% to 100%, is it normal? I just replaced my DDR3 2GB with DDR3 4GB RAM, or is this replacement is cause??
  2. In the memory tab it shows cached 1.6GB, How can i reduce it??
  3. What does this committed memory represents in Task Manager?
Additional information:
OS- Window 10
CPU- intel celeron N3060
RAM- DDR3 4GB(present)
Laptop- Dell inspiron 15-3552 (mfg 2017)


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Since you are in task manager anyway, what is using the CPU time? Sort by CPU % and see what is at the top.


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You only have a dual core cpu at 1.6 ghz. The celerons are the bottom of the barrel as far as speed goes. Even upgrading to 4gb ram, your system just isn't gonna react like it should. I'm not even sure if adding an SSD would be beneficial. So what I'm saying is, don't expect much out of this laptop.


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1. Yes it's normal for your processor. Even simple tasks could saturate that little Celeron.
2. Memory caching is a normal thing. Typically, files that are commonly used get stored in the ram as cache so when the next time it gets used, the loading is quicker.
3. It's the reserved virtual memory for processes and virtual memory is the sum of your physical memory and pagefiling memory from the harddrive.


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Keep in mind it's normal to see CPU usage spike when opening Task Manager, or any program in general. (But like others said, the Celeron isn't exactly the most powerful CPU around)


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The Celeron itself is kinda crap, but you should be able to see which specific processes are utilizing the CPU, which would tell you what specifically is sucking up all of your clock cycles.

4GB is also kinda low, it's easy to balloon out to double that with some basic productivity scenarios, so if you have slow storage you'll also be waiting on a lot of swap.