CPU Temps seem high


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I have a Q9550 without OC, and a ZALMAN cnps700bled cooler. However, CPU temps from SpeedFan show mid 30s to 50 C at idle, and have hit 65 while playing Crysis.

Was told that this is within operating parameters, but seems hot to me.

Anybody have an opinion?


for using a 9700 on a non overclocked chip, i agree those temps do seem a little high. the first thing that comes to mind is to remove the HSF and reapply the thermal compound. get something quality, and make sure it is applied correctly. get a can of compressed air and clean the fan out well, and do the rest of your case while you are at it. make sure all of your case fans are working properly. you may want to consider buying some extra fans and setting them up so that cool air is being sucked into the front of the case, and blown out the rear. tidy up your cables to allow decent airflow throughout the case. once all that is done, you should notice a fairly big difference in your temperatures. if you do not, i would say you have a defective chip.

also, what are you using to monitor your temps?