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Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by jOHN753, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. jOHN753

    jOHN753 Member

    Hello guys, I have game that I played a couple years ago.
    I was using windows 7 32 bit at that time, and game work fine...
    After that I updated to 64 bit and that game was lagging.
    Yesterday I return to 32 bit, and game still lagging.
    When I played games CPU usage is 100, but nothing alse is turn on.
    Is there any way to fix that, or it maybe just laptop getting old.
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    What process is using the cpu? Open task manager, click on the cpu usage column so that it sorts by highest usage at top. Make sure you click on show processes from all users first.
  3. RollingZeroz

    RollingZeroz New Member

    What game is this?
  4. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    What game, what hardware?

    You might have had the graphics settings turned down the first time.
  5. Okedokey

    Okedokey Well-Known Member

    Installed all of your chipset and graphics drivers after reinstall?
  6. jOHN753

    jOHN753 Member

    The game is NBA 2K14
    I installed all driver from officaly site of acer
    On process the game is highest, the second is detskop ( everything is turned off)
    My grapichs card is not very good... Intel HD graphic procesor Intel Pentium B940 2.00 GHZ 4GM RAM... I know is not very good, but I played on that.

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