crap fps please help

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by Julz666, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Julz666

    Julz666 New Member

    i've just bought a new 2nd hand pc,
    MB- gigabyte GA-81945P pro
    CPU-intel 3.2gig dual core (dunno what model-Pentium D)
    RAM-3 gig 667
    PSU-super flower 500watt
    and i've just added a 320 meg 8800gts
    games are running like shit! i play unreal tournament 2004 and while the fps starts off nicely (80fps) it soon starts dropping until it's unplayable?
    also been playing bioshock, was holding 20-30 fps at 1680x1050 and most settings maxed (not all) today i'm pulling 10-20?
    also just installed call of duty 4 demo, i let it auto adjust and i was getting under 10 fps!
    i've installed what i'm pretty sure are the latest drivers, can anyone please give me any ideas, it seems to be running worse than my p4-3gig with my old 7600gt! (ut2004 definately does)
    i love my games and am becoming very frustrated, any help would be greatly appreciated:eek:
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  2. chupacabra

    chupacabra New Member

    I'd say not enough power, get a better power supply cpu/mobo
  3. Julz666

    Julz666 New Member

    erm...i'm really open to any suggestions but i was just looking at a reply to another thread when i found this....

    "my 8800GTS 320MB give me an average FPS of 35 . 1680 x 1050 . Everything almost max. but i guess 7800GT and higher range should be alright . (Call of duty 4)
    CPU: Dual Core 930 3.0GHZ @ 3300MHZ
    Mobo:MSI 945P Neo 2 F
    Ram: PDP/Corsair 2/2 X 512MB DDR2 533MHZ
    GFU: XFX 8800GTS 320MB
    PSU: SILVERSTONE ST50EF-Plus ATX 12V 2.2 500W
    Case: COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 ".....

    so i'm wondering if it could really be a power prob.
    when u say get a better cpu/mobo, are u suggesting i go replace them? i figure there's an issue aside from the fact that i could buy a better system.
    thanx anyway:eek:
  4. darklord

    darklord New Member

    uninstall drivers and try a fresh install. your PSU shouldnt be a problem since 500W is good enough and minimum PSU required is 400W if im not mistaken.
  5. vonfeldt7

    vonfeldt7 New Member

    how many amps are the 12v rail(s) carrying?

    (I could probably look it up but im too lazy)

    *Edit* Well I looked a few places, and they said it had 30A on the 12v rail...which should be enough for the 8800gts

    Hmm..I'm not sure what the problem is..
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  6. hyPoxxx.dll

    hyPoxxx.dll New Member

    Deffently the power....or mobo.
  7. Julz666

    Julz666 New Member

    definately power or motherboard? i've got a 550watt in my old machine, i dunno about amps, but i know it was a more powerful psu so i'll swap them over. but mobo? u mean there's something wrong with it or not good enuff or drivers or what?
    thanx for the replies, please keep em coming.:confused:
  8. Julz666

    Julz666 New Member

    well beautiful people i swapped over psu's and BOOYAH! shit's running beautifully! thank you guys so much.
    chupa....much respect! you too hypoxxx.
    well i'm off to beat splicers to death with my trusty wrench!
    thanx again all.
  9. wafflez

    wafflez New Member

    PROTIP: Bioshock endings suck. whether you save all but one or if you just harvest them all...they should have put more thought into the story line >_>.
  10. vonfeldt7

    vonfeldt7 New Member

    Hey, I have a question (to threadstarter) how much did you pay for your rig?
  11. Julz666

    Julz666 New Member

    just the box, including 4 gig ram, 2xdvd burners and 550gig hdd's $390au (bargain off a friend) it had a crappy vid card, 8800gts cost me $350au

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