Crashing mid-game after windows 11 update


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I never had any issue with it before I downloaded windows 11. This is a brand new computer I just paid $1,300 on and it’s more or less unusable. I’ll play war thunder and have 140 frames on max settings and it crashes within 5 seconds of playing or randomly in the middle of the game. It doesn’t matter what setting I play on even on minimal it crashes. I’m up to date on my drivers and updates for windows so I really don’t know what it could be.


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If it is only one game I would contact war thunder to see if there is an update/patch available. They would probably need to know if you are other people are having this issue so it is probably worth reporting it. It wouldn't do any harm to run a graphic stress test using furmark, a memory check using windows memory tool and a HDD/SSD check using chkdsk and Crystaldiskinfo - google any of these for more information/downloads
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