Create new yahoo email, then had issues

Discussion in 'Internet Discussion' started by Stattovic, May 15, 2019.

  1. Stattovic

    Stattovic Member

    Recently my btinternet email account has started sending on average 100 spam emails each day.

    I contacted them and there only suggestion was to change my email address.

    It was recomended I create a yahoo email address/account.

    This was succesful for a few hours and I then contacted all my usual emailers to tell them about the change.

    Then suddenly I went back into yahoo mail, and now I am getting the message every time I try to login

    "Sorry we do not recognise that email address"

    A real nightmare. I just cannot figure out why and trying to get help from yahoo means signining up and paying a monthly fee for the privelege.

    Anyone have any ideas please ?
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    Get a Gmail address instead. Yahoo email totally sucks and is spam ridden.
  3. AlienMenace

    AlienMenace Well-Known Member

    Yea, Yahoo stinks. Gmail is better.
  4. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    Did you give another mailaccount as backup? If so I think you should have a validation email in there!
    I think you must validate your new account before its up and running…. Did you?
  5. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Well-Known Member

    Protonmail is also not a bad email client. But gmail is sufficient for most people.
  6. Stattovic

    Stattovic Member

    Too late have informed everyone on my email list of the new email address.

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