Creating Art using Computer

What kinds of programs do you use to create art using your computer?

I see some really interresting pictures and images online and wondered how many are computer generated and how they are done. A sample below: How do you learn how to use the functions of your computer without becoming so frustrated you pull out your hair?

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Photo shop 7 or latest
Paint Shop Pro 9 or latest
Animation Shop 4 or latest

That's what my gf uses to make pics, icons,glittery shiny things that will entrance me and make me sleepy lol. there easy to use...jsut takes time and a manual:) will cost you $100's though..unless you got hookups :p


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You could use something like 3D STUDIO MAX, you can do very spectacular 3D things in that program :)


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most definately, any of the paint shop pro programs are brill for creating art. its quite amazing some of the stuff you can do on there. the best thing to learn how to use the program is to import an image and just experiment with all the functions. that will give you some idea



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PhotoShop or Paintshop

You can use either PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro. Both are decent programs. 3D Studio Max is good also, but I haven't used it. I heard it was good though. But my experience with PS and PSP, I have learned to do so much stuff with them. So, either three of them are good to use. But remember, each program is designed for different things.


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photoshop for me! It's incredible, the graphics quality is amazing and you can create good effects really easily. I use it a lot for my art.


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I am just starting to use Photoshop. It's an awsome program. Have a look at what two weeks of playing with layers made me able to do. CLICK HERE. Well I am sure many of you would do better but it just shows how easy Photoshop is to use for general stuff.



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You can use Photoshop CS, but if you use a 3D imaging program (like Adobe Atmosphere) it is very complicated to use and would take a long time to figure out. For begging, i would try something like Photoshop CS or Paint Shop Pro.