dangers of increasing fan speed?


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I've overclocked my 8800gts to 610/915, and increased the fan speed from 60% to 90%...while the temp has dropped, I'm curious as to any foreseeable problems this might cause..I'm only worried because I've been wondering why PNY, (or nvidia, seeing as how every 8800gts fan is at 60%), would leave the fan speed at 60% instead of 100...My current temp is 64 C, it was around 67 C before, but during games the difference is like 8 C...

tl;dr Is it safe to up the fan speed percentage on an 8800gts to 100%? If there are problems involved, what are they?


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ya it should be i always keep my pny 8800gts on high since they try to reduce noise but everything else is loud enough so i poped it to 100 percent first day i built it and no problems so far


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Watch your fingers :D

(IDK if its bad, i just wanted to say that. Doesnt seem like they'd make 100% if 100% was bad for it.)