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    I have a s2417dg (tn panel), in darker parts of games (world of warcraft) the top 20% or so is darker then the rest. If you move up and down it normalizes, however it is not practical to sit like that or stand while playing a game. Turning off all light did not help. Playing a game like call of duty ww2, assassin creed origin is far more difficult to notice this as the areas are far more bright. I have the monitor like people state about with eye level being towards the top with a 15% or so tilt up (the bottom being closest to me). If I jack the brightness in game to 100% I can see everything, but that again isn't practical as that is far to bright and looks weird. Is there some setting that can help with this?

    As a side question, I notice it harder to look at mostly white screen lately. Im not sure if moving to a 1440p monitor (from a 1080p) has that affect, but my eyes get tired quickly and I feel like I cant look at it for a long time like I could with my previous one (i believe it was an isp one). At work I dont have this issue and it is typically brighter. Any tips or recommendations would be helpful.

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