Dating apps can't get my location right. How do I make them get it right?


I hope you fellas take this very seriously as my love life is at stake.

I'm using both Tinder and Bumble, on my computer, not my phone, and neither get my location right. Both put me waaay off, which, obviously, is a problem. I can't go on dates with girls that live a 100 kms away. I've talked to customer support and they've been of no help at all.

I've previously successfully used a Firefox add on called Change Geolocation (location Guard). This worked on Bumble for a while and now it's stopped working for no apparent reason. It still works on some of those web pages that show you your location, but it doesn't work on Bumble nor Tinder.

On Chrome, I've been able to bamboozle Tinder through manually setting my latitude and longitude through DevTools, but, from what I understand, this only works in the tab you have open and you have to do it every time you restart your browser.

So, I need a solution that works in Firefox (I don't typically use Chrome) or works on the general level of the computer (as opposed to the browser). You guys got any ideas?

I can't use my phone because I have an ancient phone and can't even install these apps on it.
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Do you have a VPN? Those sites may get your approximate location from your IP address, and a VPN would definitely throw it off.