Dell Precision T5500 upgrading


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Hi All, I have recently brought a T5500 with 4x4gb 16gb of ram ddr3 and x5670 2.93ghz processor and a nividia Quatro P60. I brought this to upgrade for my and my partner's business as it was cheap and came with windows 10.

Programs used are as follows:
AutoCad 3D, Light burn, Fusion 360, Light Room, Adobe photoshop, Microsoft office, Adobe etc.

Im planning on installing a Riser card with another X5670 and maybe some more ram on the Riser. Graphics card will defo be upgraded to a higher nividia quatro but don't know what else. Should I upgrade the fans as well?

I'm on a budget so second hand parts and a budget of 300-500dollars would be max.

Should I upgrade to two x5690 3.45ghz processors or will this be overkill? I'm finding the PC a bit slow with AutoCAD and want fast quick response.

Thanks for any inputs


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I would start with the GPU before throwing any money at the CPU. That's an 11 year old Xeon. Not sure adding a second will really help that much.


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You can just buy a better server for the same money. I dropped like $400 on the 720xd in my sig. What does your Quadro utilization look like when doing CUDA accelerated workloads? That card was pretty low end on release with only a 40w TDP.