dell xps desktop d drive vs. c drive vs. one drive


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So, I just bought this new dell. My last one was 12 years ago.

I get it all set up, move over my docs and settings and am impressed with the speed. I noticed though, that my C: drive is already 2/3 rds full with docs. Then I notice this D data drive that has 460 gb of storage space is not being used. So I put docs in there and I notice that when I make changes to the docs, those changes are not reflected in the docs that are in the D Drive.

Also, apparently, some of my docs went into the one drive cloud and it immediately notified me that I am out of storage and won't let me save the docs' changes - nor will it allow me to move the docs that ended up in the one drive (cloud).

what is going on here? I thought I bought a computer with a huge amount of storage and I've worked on this thing for ten minutes and I can't save anything ......



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What applications are you using to create/edit your docs? If you are using something like MS Word, you need to change the default save location and when you save a document, you need to pay attention to what location it is being saved to.


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For most applications, you have to train them to know where is your new Documents folder. Otherwise it goes back to the old C: default.