Dells and Power Supply Compatibility

Discussion in 'Computer Cases, Power Supplies and Cooling' started by murjax, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. murjax

    murjax New Member

    I need to replace my power supply on my 4 year old Dell computer. Now I read that older models use proprietary power supplies, though I don't know when or if they started using standards. I opened my computer to see what I can do since I have a spare power supply, and everything looked alright until I saw the connections to the hard drive. The connection isn't the standard 4 pins that the disc drives have and that my spare power supplies has. Do I need to call Dell to get the correct power supply?
  2. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    probably because they usually use their own form factor, sizes and connectors, so you can't replace too much in them
  3. schw32m

    schw32m New Member

    Post the model number of the unit. It is a lot easier to determine the PSU design with that information instead of guessing.
  4. linkin

    linkin VIP Member

    I think you could fit a Micro-ATX PSU in there. my old IBM system from <2000 fitted on of those no problem. But then again, dell are known for using proprietary stuff... they even rename their mouse and keyboards from other manufacturers to Dell...
  5. porterjw

    porterjw Moderator Staff Member

    Is it a SATA Drive by chance? They don't use 4-pin molex-style power feeds. What does the connection in question look like? If it is a SATA Drive, you can just get a molex-to-SATA adapter, provided your spare PSU fits in the case.

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