difference of 90 Mbps on 2 different cables

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    Good evening,

    I have some problems at home with my internet. Last week I installed an ethernet-cable to my room upstairs, mainly because our wifi is not that great for gaming, but after installing everything my ethernet cable does not work on my computer, neither on my brother's. I thought it was because something was wrong with my computer, but when I used the cable downstairs, which is connected to the router, my ethernet port works fine. My download downstairs is 188 Mbps, and upload 25 Mbps. But there is something very strange. When I use the laptop of my mother, the cable in my room( that doesn't work on my pc) works. It does not work perfectly, because my download upstairs is only 95 Mbps. My questions are two things. My first one is, why does the cable in my room work on the laptop but not on the desktop? And second, why is there a difference of 90 Mbps download between upstairs and downstairs?

    Thank you in advance!
    (sorry about the mistakes in language)
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    How long is this cable? Also could be a bad cable.

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