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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras, Webcams and Scanners' started by artygirl, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. artygirl

    artygirl New Member

    I got a new digital camera on the 25th, its an Olympus Camedia c-310 . I've plugged in the usb cable into the port and the camera, on the cam it gives you the option to connect to the pc, however the hardware wizard no longer pops up. It did the 1st time, but I didn't want to install then. How can I get the camera to upload my photos? The disk is already installed but it can't detect the camera :confused:
  2. Ultravis

    Ultravis New Member

    It's always best to install the drivers prior to plugging in the camera to the computer for the first time.

    Did your camera come with an installation cd? - its best to use this first

    If it didn't, then go to the Olympus website to find the drivers for your specific model.
  3. wensk

    wensk New Member

    Look for the camera or its usb component in Device Manager and remove it. Install the accompanying software for the camera and then plug it in again.

    Personally I never plug cameras into PCs. I ALWAYs use a card muss no fuss. I was never impressed with Olympus' software either.

    Get yourself a good program like Photoshop Elements for working with your pictures.
  4. artygirl

    artygirl New Member

    yeah ive got photoshop and all that software, I've actually went out and bought a new PC yesterday, it's really old and I definetly needed an update. It'll arrive within the next 2 weeks!
  5. Kevin O'Connor

    Kevin O'Connor New Member

    Well that is one way to fix your issue. Get a new computer. Actually this should work very well because it should come with Win XP. I have sense upgraded to Win XP and was planning on loading all my drivers to down load from my digital camera when I noticed Win XP automatically recognized it. I use Adobe Photo Shop to edit digital photos but you might want to load the digital editor that comes with your camera. Although, I see you have Photo Shop also.
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