Disc Drive Randomly Gets Stuck


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I've got a CD drive I purchased about a week ago which has been up until now working just fine. Today I've been trying to use it and when playing a disc, it will out of nowhere stop reading the disc as if it's skipping. After around 20 seconds it will quit playing the song it's on and switch to the next one. I've tried using different discs in varying conditions but it appears it is the drive itself. I've also tested my other disc drive using the same discs, and it has no issues whatsoever.

Model is BTC BCD F563E


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my earliest purchase was a dvd drive from ebay and it was defective. The box was not new and the drive was not new either. I was in high school at the time and 21 bucks was a lot to me. Good thing you only paid 4 dollars. Never buy used disk drives!!!


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Drives and power supplies are two things you should never buy used. Always get new for these items. Even refurb is unwise.