Diskmark numbers and weird sounds...

Joshua Brown

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Hi! So this was just going to be a post about a weird noise, but I was running some tests with CDM and noticed that my numbers were a little whack-o. Drive C is an internal drive, a 1tb Samsung 870 SSD. Drive F: is also an internal SSD, Samsung 870. Drives B: and V: are in an OWC Mercury Dual enclosure in JBOD mode. B: is a 16tb Seagate Exos x16 and V: is an 8tb Samsung QVO SSD. These CDM results don't seem to match up with others who've posted here so is something screwy going on?Diskmark numbers.jpg

So then the other thing that's weird is that drive B: (the 16tb enterprise HDD) is making some noises:

I'm reading that enterprise drives are louder than normal HDD's and I also replaced the stock fan on the enclosure with a 60mm Noctua so the sound may be more pronounced. I've also got the recorder right up against the front of the enclosure so it sounds louder than it actually is. But...what is all that? Is it normal drive noises? The sound that kicks in at 1:06 especially. What is going *on* in there?


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Yeah, numbers look ok to me as well for the type of drives they are. The 16tb Seagate drive is actually getting higher then stated speed.