"Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"


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I built my first PC a week and a half ago and everything was fine until a couple of days ago. My computer randomly crashed for a few seconds and when the screen came back on, the error "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" came up. Even after that it was very unresponsive and it would crash every few seconds.

I rebooted hoping it might solve it but to avail, I turned it off and left it for a bit to see if it was maybe overheating (not that I'd noticed it being hot) but it still kept crashing. I then booted into safe mode and re installed the drivers, trying both the ones off the disc I got with the graphics card and the one from the XFX and AMD websites. Still didn't work. I then did a clean install of Windows 7 and only installed the graphics card drivers and the motherboard drivers and yet, it still kept freezing. I have managed to get a refund for a faulty card and was just wondering what the best thing to do now is, as I am hesitating buying the same card as it may be something to with compatibility, even though they know the specs of my computer and probably would have told me if something was wrong.

Here is my build: http://www.scan.co.uk/savedbasket/39871ed48eb44c3d81ad4a516acd2d22

As I am getting a refund I am thinking about buying this:
This is a 2gb and should be able to handle it if I ever want to upgrade my monitor. However it's the same model of card and I really don't wanna buy the card and have it do what happened before.

So basically what I'm asking is can you see anything that would be incompatible? Maybe the power supply is not good enough? And should I buy that 2GB card or find another card altogether? Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)


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That PSU is plenty. Probably just got a bad card. Maybe try a different manufacturer if you're leery of XFX. I have a 7850 and pretty much zero problems with it.