do plugging in an ethernet cable to a wifi extender make the signal stronger?


(sorry if this is in the wrong section i just looked for one that had to do something with wifi)

i recently got a new motem and router and my computer is upstairs pretty far away from the router. in the other rooms i get up to 33 mbps witch is really good for me but in my main room where i use my computer, i get 6mbps-12mbps and that seems like an ok amount, but its not the best for watching HD videos or playing multiplayer games while talking to my friends. i recently bought a netgear AC750 from amazon and noticed it has an ethernet plug in it. My computer does not have a wifi card in it and i use a usb wifi adapter. i heard usb wifi is not the best and i also for some reason have a big box of wires and there are tons of different ethernet cables in there. will plugging an ethernet cable to a wifi range extender to my computer do anything or make a difference?


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Why do you feel that a wired connection will have any influence on the physical properties of the wireless radio?

What router did you get? ~30 Mbps is painfully low.

The extender will just destroy your performance.
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