Does DirecTV offer service over an internet connection, without the need for a dish?


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At long last, I have new internet service at my house, and it's actually pretty great! (50 Mbps, and without the latency of satellite internet!)

I was wondering if it's possible to get DirecTV (or I guess any TV service) directly through my internet, rather than having to install a satellite dish to receive the signal. Is such an "over the internet" TV option even a thing? I browsed the packages on their website, but to me they look like regular plans that require all the hardware.



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Not really, there's other services like Sling or Hulu that will stream live channels to you. They might have an app you could log into but those are usually bound to the service you'd be paying for with the dish.


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There definitely are. I used 'AT&T Now' for a while and it was legit.



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Thanks! I do have a Fire TV already, but I don't think that alone will give you access to television. I'll definitely check out AT&T Now!


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I seen a while back that AT&T bought Direct TV.
I can get it and might happen. Don't need the dish.
tired of the stupid payment with att and comcast.