Does my new computer have a DVD drive?


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Wow what a ripoff. I thought a CD or DVD drive was standard in every machine since they replaced floppy drives with CDs.
Much like the CD/DVD drive replaced the Floppy drive, it's been a few years since the trend of usb flash drives and cloud storage replacing the CD/DVD drive. Technology advances and things change.


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Most software vendors (including game makers) have gone to digital delivery as opposed to providing a physical CD\DVD for installation.

One major reason is so that the purchaser always gets the latest available version of the software.


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An external DVD drive is less than $50 on newegg, wouldn't be hard to grab one if you decide you really need it.


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Under 50USD worth of games as well, lol. If their not consuming media in the form of a disc what is the point? Even OS's can be put on thumb drives these days.

Though I personally would rather have an internal drive than one of those cheaper external ones. Usually read/write speeds wise. Installing an OS from a disc can be painful.