Does someone know what these key presses are on a keyboard?


I am trying to use DS4Windows and I can’t find the key presses.

I need they keyboard presses for R1 R2 L1 L2

I need the key presses for triangle square circle and x

and the left directional key presses?

everything else works correctly.

This is for a DualShock 4 for PlayStation for Windows 10 keypresses


Using the program I was trying to do this will not work for remote play anyways. So knowing the keypresses will not work for this. Unless you purchase the program below and know for sure you can use a keyboard and mouse for that game.

This program will not work ds4windows. PS4 Remote play will not take computer keyboard inputs or mouse inputs. So even if you can map all the buttons that way to the dualshock connected by bluetooth remote will not take the keyboard inputs from the dualshock 4 or the keyboard or mouse.

You will need a program called rewasd and it has to recognize the dualshock 4 connected as a bluetooth device and it inputs it into the computers control panel settings and remote play recognizes it as a dualshock 4 and it can be used as a normal control.

Or I think you can use keyboard inputs like it you pluged a mouse and keyboard using a unified reciever. I think it would take the input from your computer or mouse that is built into a laptop that way maybe. It has a 14 day free trial so you can try it that way to see if it works for you. But the controller works for me with bluetooth so I will be using it that way.

rewasd is a program that is going to cost me $6.00

Some games do work with keyboards and a mouse and it might be able to be found the key presses you want to use in settings it will tell you the buttons or on the games website, you should probably look this up before you purchase the game to see if a keyboard and mouse will work before you purchase the game if you want to purchase.