don't hate me (question about putting mac os x on a VM windows-hosted machine))

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by demonikal, Feb 20, 2012.

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    I think I now understand how to do it. My host OS is Windows 7 Pro x64. Do I want to buy a Mac system. Heck no. Mac OS = cheap, Mac hardware = expensive. Windows OS = expensive, non-Mac hardware = cheap (compared to Mac). But I want to learn the OS, even though as simple as Mac OS X sounds, maybe there's nothing really to "learn." But I want to become familiar with it, cuz if I get a job that uses all Macs, well, I'm up a creek.

    But, I can NOT for the life of me find anything about the cost of Mac OS X Lion for a non-Mac user. I know it can be done, cuz how else would people be able to put OS X on VirtualBox on their Windows-hosted machines... So, understandably, it's $30 if you have a Mac and I think that's also if you d/L the OS from the website. But I can't find out how much the full version costs. So if anyone knows, plz let me know.

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    The full version is $30. Apple doesn't make their money in software, they make it in the hardware. (its all a marketing ploy anyway)

    OSX is not currently meant to run on Windows hardware. That being said(sorry bro), it is against the rules(as it should be) to discuss exactly "how" to port OSX onto PC hardware. So I won't. (Plus, there is not much of a point anyway...)

    What I will suggest doing though, is getting a job(if you don't already have one), budgeting your money, and then spending it on a refurb macbook or finding a deal on ebay. If you put your mind to it, it could be super easy to scrape up $600-$800 in a month or two. Really! Go for it :) I encourage you.

    If you were really desperate(or not desperate depending on how you look at it), you could probably find a decent white macbook for a few hundred $$$ on craigslist/ebay. Learn OSX the right way. The way it was meant to be learned.

    Don't waste your time with hackintosh crap. Or whatever you really want to call it.


    Oh--btw. There is a lot to OSX when you really dig and get into it. I work with Snow Leopard/Lion every day at home/work. Its wonderful. And you really won't get the full *magical* (more like convenient) experience unless you have a macbook.


    Also, I don't hate you.
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    Thanks. I also don't hate you, but only because I recognize your profile picture as Shinji's dad from Evangelion and that show and movie ruled. Still have to see 2.0. dLed it, but haven't watched it yet.

    I never knew what the term "Hackintosh" meant. So now, cuz of you I do. No wonder that YouTube video was so friggin involved on getting OSX to work on VirtualBox in Windows.

    Yeah, I'm looking at jobs right now. Just got my CompTIA A+ cert in November, working on my Network+, Security+, and MCSE certs now. There's a few jobs out there that only require A+ as a required qualification, but they don't pay as well as the ones that say it's recommended, but they want someone who knows the Windows Server OS's. I have income right now, but not enough to save up for a Mac, unless it took me like friggin 5 months or so with my other bills. No, I don't sell drugs. Disability income from my last job, which is not really income at all cuz I'm not working for it and feel guilty as hell.

    Anyway, figured no one was ever going to reply to this post cuz no one cares about Mac OSX and stuff that's Apple-related. Pretty much everyone has at least an iShuffle or more, but I never see Mac topics on here. Just love learning new stuff and don't want to ignore Mac. Not saying it's the future, but not saying it's gonna fizzle and die either. No one really knows what's gonna happen.

    Thanks for the info and the suggestions.

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