Don't want to be tracked from phone, Facebook or email

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by textbook, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Ok I have been trying to find out if the nephew of an old employer got his inheritance. He's in France and his aunt in England. His aunt was manipulated by a gold digge Could possibly be a police matter but I need more info.

    Anyway, I wrote to the nephew and all he did was pass the letter back to the manipulator in England (she' the executor)So now she now has my made up phone number, email and old old address in a shared house. I changed my name as well on the letter. My phone was registered anonymously at giff gaff so she won't know that, but can she still find my address from the number? How do I make my facebook settings on high security incase she searches my name. Also, used my made up email from my home computer and sent emails from it. Can she trace me from that?
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    This isn't really the place for a question like that. I'd suggest /r/legaladvice on reddit.
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