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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by BruceY, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. BruceY

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    It seems when Im on, a popup I have no control over tells me to download a drive reimage within a short time frame or files will be erased. A second popup window appears and that one I cant " X" out and "X" out IE 11 fast enough before it pops back up again. ONLY way to get out of it is to shut down any other programs and then shut down or reboot laptop. I ran a FULL AV scan that took long time. McAfee found 1 "scam" but didn't give a name. Less than 3 days later yahoo got hijacked again. Says my Windows 10 is damaged and need to download reimage. Only thing is I still use Windows 7. I read here that a folder labled "REI" was to blame on someone elses pc. Once they deleted it they got their computer back. Searching windows could not find nor could I in windows explorer. I don't know If it will help but I've changed home page to Google. Any suggestions ??

    HP Laptop Intel i3
    Windows 7
    MacAfee Internet Security (I keep updated)
    Internet Explorer 11
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  3. corewill2003

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    Stop using Internet Explorer, it's slow and a prime target of malware since it's no longer updated. It's not your drive reimaging software's fault that Yahoo got hijacked, it's yours for using an out of date browser which is a target for hijacks. If you want a good browser, use Pale Moon. It's based on an old version of Firefox (Firefox 27), but unlike IE it's updated regularly and it has security patches applied to it so you can browse the web safely with it.

    Also please don't use McAfee, it's the worst Antivirus out there. Avast and Malwarebytes are pretty good, try using one of those.
  4. TheRealSwede

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    I would like to inform that the Internet Explorer that is installed in Windows 10 (alongside with EDGE) DOES GET UPDATED via Windows update..
    Just to make sure everyone actually understands that!

    And on the issue of what webbrowser to use, the vulnerability databases (like )
    tell a different story to what several people says, If you read their latest annual vulnerability report
    THAN IE..

    So keep that in mind while choosing webbrowser..
    Everyone love to hate microsoft, but few are right in doing so...
  5. _Kyle_

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    Chrome and Firefox are used by a much larger group of people than IE, so it makes sense that they would be higher up because there is more of a chance that somebody will be attacked. But that is simply because of a larger user base, meaning more possible victims. IE is still much less secure.
  6. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    Nope! You are wrong!
    The number of vulnerabilities has got NOTHING to do with the number of users at all..
    It tells you how often during a year a certain software has experensed any vulnerability, no matter of its user-base..
    in the flexera vulnerability review 2017 (the lastest I could find as of today)
    in page 22 picture 24 (uploaded next) shows how many every browser had during the past 12 at the time..

    Its the fact, not a myth or anything..

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  7. Darren

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    @TheRealSwede Did you actually just use a 2 year old report as evidence that IE isn't out of date and unsecure?

    Even Microsoft tells you directly not to use it anymore.
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  8. johnb35

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    Yep literally like everywhere the last couple days.
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  9. Darren

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    IE is completely non functional on most of my servers. Their default security policy on them now just breaks most sites and refuses downloads. Advises you to use a different browser.
  10. johnb35

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  11. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    The Point is still that IE gets updated via Windows update AND IE still got less vulnerabilities than browsers like firefox and chrome.. (it was claimed otherwise)

    And YES! Microsoft likes people to change from IE to Edge so they don´t have to support 2 different types of browsers.. (Many larger organizations does not shift from IE to Edge in time, thus "forcing" Microsoft to continue supporting an older browser than they like to)

    -But that still does not change the fact.. looking from an vulnerability issue, both Firefox and chrome are totally useless...
    -Chrome har a new vulnerability practically EVERY DAY!! (Around 335 every year)
    -Firefox has MORE than 250 vulnerabilities EVERY YEAR! Thats 5 vulnerabilities EVERY WEEK!
    - Internet Explorer has just about 2 vulnerabilities per Week! (around 114 per year!)

    I don´t know how your math works, but the way I learnt it, it means Chromes 358 vulnerabilities, and firefox 258 vulnerabilities ARE SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER (WORSE) THAN IEs 114 vulnerabilities..
    And in fact Internet Explorer in windows 10 actually IS getting REGULAR uppdates via Windows update (that was claimed otherwise)

    And the report I refered to was the last one I had in my favorites, if you check the same reports for 2016, 2015, 2014 the numbers of vulnerabilities are in the same region every year for several years back in time, so it´s not the isolated incident as "microsoft haters" like to claim that is is..!

    firefox is allways haveing twice as many vulnerabilities as IE, Chome allways has about 50% MORE vulnerabilities than firefox (more than 3 TIMES THE VULNERABILITIES OF IE)
    So I must disagree with the most of the comments above!

    I know everyone loves to hate Microsoft, but very few actually really need to...

    And YES! Pleace use EGDE instead, It´s more modern, more safe, but that does not change the true facts, Edge and Internet Explorer are still having FEVER vulnerabilities than Chrome and firefox..
    Thus making Chrome and firefox more vulnerable..

    And vulnerabilities ARE the most dangerous of all "bad things" that your computer may experience, when many vulnerabilities to Chrome and Firefox gives an attacker SYSTEM-level access to a computer from "distance" (That means from the internet they gain a higher access to your computer than your own Administrator account has!)

    So Internet Explorer DOES get uppdated IF you run a supported version of windows.. And both chrome and firefox has for many years now regularly had more significantly more vulnerabilities than IE (and maybe even more than Edge has, i have not found reports concerning Edge yet!)

    Have a nice day!
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  12. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    I don't give a hoot about any "vulnerability count" Microsoft says don't use it. Don't use it. Chrome and Firefox have more because they're used more and thus a larger target. They still get patched nearly daily. If you've ever used IE you know it's got security problems. Hell even just launching it usually throws you a few security errors.

    Also I laugh at you for calling me a MS hater, I'm more of an advocate for them than most.
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  13. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    Provide sources for your claims swede, because you don't know what you're talking about.

    Number of vulnerablities is also less relevant than the CVE score.

    Pretty sure the vendor (Microsoft) has a much larger wealth of knowledge in their advice to not use their own product than a single, mistaken end user.

    Why are you undermining your own argument?
  14. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    Pleace NOTE! I have never called YOU a "MS HATER"

    I ment that on internet "everyone" loves to hate microsoft! And in this case (what i will say for the 2:nd or 3:d time now)
    It mensioned above that Internet Explorer does get updated and is not as big malware magnet as chrome or firefox..

    That was a reply to the faulty comments of:
    -"Word of advice... STOP USING IE. Its no longer updated and is a malware magnet."
    -"Stop using Internet Explorer, it's slow and a prime target of malware since it's no longer updated."

    And since Internet Explorer in Windows 10 (Yes! You have both IE and EDGE for the reasons I mentioned above!)
    ARE CONTINOUSLY UPDATED VIA WINDOWS UPDATE! My reply was to inform ALL readers that the above comments are totally false. Thus I added the FACTS about vulnerabilities in webbrowsers..
    Where IE has for many years in a row actually has had had less than half of the vulnerabilities that are found every year in "the other" browsers.. So even the "malware-magnet" part was false as well.. (IE was more prone to malware in the win 3.11, win 95/me etc. up to xp SP2 era, when MS did shapen up some of Internet explorer security settings and has continued ever since)

    And! Yes! If you can you should use EDGE instead of Internet Explorer, but my reply was directed towards these faulty facts, its very clear if you READ what i wrote!

    In difference to others here I actually do understand that when people say they use "internet Explorer" They most often today actually are using EDGE (The Similar icon, An icon with an "e" is supposed to be Internet Explorer)

    Very few here seem to have the direct connection with untechnical people to notice that they often use the wrong terminology!
    Hence "Edge" becomes "internet Explorer" in most cases.. so the comments of "internet explorer does not get updated" is faulty in multiple layers! The user are most likely using EDGE but calls it Internet Explorer...
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  15. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Well-Known Member

    just stahp

    IE doesn't even support HTML5
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  16. Cromewell

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    This is off topic, but IE was never released for Windows 3.1. It was first released for Windows 95. I suspect most people first came across it in Windows 98SE though.

    Back to your original post, John linked you to a malware removal help thread. Following the steps there will be the most helpful for you cleaning your system.

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