Driver for Realtek 8812BU WLAN 802.11ac USB NIC


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Hello, I have a question regarding the USB WLAN stick in the title. From the Realtek website I got the driver
which is working. The readme says it was last edited sometime in 2017. Windows10 however says it has a better/newer driver (from 2019) whatever that means? So which one should I pick? Why should the Windows driver be better suited than the driver from the manufacturer?


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Just keep the one from Realtek. I don't trust windows drivers for the most part. Always get the drivers from the manufacturer.


I would use the latest windows drivers/manufacturers drivers whichever is the most recent. Sometimes windows 10 updates have caused problems, the latest problem win 10 20H2 upgrade was with intel WiFi and Bluetooth causing crashes and instability. In that case intel have just released updated drivers. Out-of-date and faulty drivers are often a hidden cause of computer problems/instability.