dual or single for similar memory


Ive had 8gb of ram and recently went looking for another 8gb of ram. I tried to find the exact same model as my current ram but could not find it anywhere but eBay. I was only able to get a stick of ram very similar to mine but not exactly the same. I want to know if they would work in dual channel

Everything about both the sticks is the same except for one little thing, my current stick has x8 on it, while the new one has x16 on it and i have no idea what this means. would it still work in dual channel. both same brand btw and similar model number


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You really need to use matched pairs when adding memory for best performance. The only difference between those sticks is that 1 is a single stick and the other was part of a 2 stick dual channel set. You can try and see it if they work properly together.


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Those are similar enough they should work. You aren't pushing the performance envelope with 2400 CL16, I wouldn't be too concerned.

You can always boot to a memtest86+ liveCD or something and validate after you install. If you run into any weird program crashing or freezing behavior then it's likely isolated to the 'new' stick. Otherwise you should be able to yolo it and receive reasonable results assuming the stick you received wasn't sold due to being defective or something.