Dum fan question #2

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    The questions are getting less in number, and more intelligent (I think). This one has to do with the fan controller cable on a multi-function panel. I went old school on this one, and got an Aerocool CoolPanel III (back in the day). It's supposed to be able to control 3 fans, but I only have one 4-pin female cord coming off of it. How the heck is that supposed to work? My Reeven Four Eyes has a cable for each fan, and I was expecting that on the CoolPanel.

    And speaking of cables, does it matter which side is up on these. The cable I plug into the panel has all of the pin-outs labeled (with ground on the left, I believe), does it have to go in the receptacle a certain way (i.e., one side is up and one side is down) or can it go in either way?

    Thank you. With your experience, you guys are a great help.

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