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  1. novicegeek

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    This is my first, and maybe last build. I've put in a fan controller in my case. I'm assuming the Molex extension that came with the fan is not needed, and that I can just plug the fan into the controller and it will power it just fine. Is that correct?

    Also, can I convert a Molex only fan to a 3-pin or 4-pin by a handy adapter, and expect it to work well?

    Thank you.

    And, yes, let me preemptively say, I'm aware that dumb is incorrectly spelled. That was written for comedic effect... and to get you to read the post. ;)
  2. Darren

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    Yes to the fan controller question, don't need molex extension.

    You can use a Molex to 3 pin fan adapter but not a 4 pin. Well, you could with the 4 pin but it would be pointless as that extra pin is for reporting fan speeds (I think). With straight Molex it just powers at full speed but with the 3 pin it'll be controlled by whatever it's plugged into (motherboard or fan controller) via DC regulation. 4 pins PWM offer more precise fan control but since you're coming from Molex it doesn't have that capability.
  3. Deerling7

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    Last build? Nooooooooo!
  4. michael8721

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    100% fan controller.
    Last Build? to much fun...... :)

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