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  1. Ryan_Fpv

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    I have 3 identical LG GH22NS50 DVD drives, however one of them does not function. It does not read CD's or DVDs. The drive is displayed in computer, but when I put a disc in it simply doesn't read it. If I try to run the disc by double clicking the icon, it comes up "E:\ Application not found", and if I try to explore it comes up a message saying no disc inserted, and ejects the tray. I have tried all sorts of media, several games, several CDs, several movies, and none of them work. I am able to play the same discs in my other 2 identical drives, so it is definitely a problem with that individual drive.
    I switched the sata cables around between the drives, and it is still the same drive which isn't working. All DVD drives are set to the same DVD region (Region 4 for Australia).

    I've (in no particular order) deleted the upper and lower filters in the registry, uninstalled the drivers, updated the firmware for the drives, reinstalled the original drivers that came with it, updated the drivers, uninstalled & reinstalled all DVD burning/ripping software, including Nero, AnyDVD, iTunes, etc, but none of it is having any effect.

    How do I fix this problem?

    Edit: The drive did work originally, it's only been recently that it has stopped working.
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  2. Ryan_Fpv

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    I logged into XP to check if the drive would work, it doesn't, however in device manager it lists the drive as a "SCSI CdRom Device". I have 3 identical DVD drives, but for some reason this one is showing as an SCSI drive?
    Does anyone know how to fix it and restore it to a normal drive?
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    DVD drives can simply stop reading properly due to the laser going off. You can try cleaning but don't be optimistic. I look at them as consumables. They run for a few years and that's it. I have a pile of them saved in a dark dingy place. I keep them just in case a new model will not read the older disks I've burned. I have four dvd drives of various ages currently installed and they will read any disk (one may and the other three may not).

    To get rid of the SCSI designation, try uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and rebooting (the drivers for a dvd drive are already in Windows).

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