dvd player & ripper


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I am looking for a dvd player for my computer, I tried cyberlink powerdvd 8 & didnt' work, dvd x player worked pretty well, GOM is giving me problems now, I didn't like vcl, av dvd player morpher is a little weird for me. can't understand how to make a dvd into another format.

anyways, I'm also looking for a way to copy dvds or make them into a different video version.

any advice?


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For the player part, you messed up. Cyberlink is quite good, so is VLC since they don't work for you i don't know, i won't suggest Klite cause it's pretty much like VLC. the only thing on my mind is AVS dvd player. Those are just players not converters.
If you want converters you can check software by the likes of IMTOO, though there are better ones, I mainly use that one, always work for me
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