DVD Player Turns Into A CD Player?


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Years ago when I had this old laptop, which was an HP pavilion notebook, in this laptop was a DVD drive, that could read both DVD and CD, once I was burning to a DVD and then half way through, it stopped and said that I was trying to use a DVD on a CD player. Today I'm still having this issue, I've tried reformating my computer TWICE, that did not work, I tried putting a new DVD drive in and it still said that it was a CD drive. Can anyone explain to me how this is possible? My best guess is that something is wrong with the motherboard.


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What specific notebook is it?

Some older combo drives had a DVD component that could only read DVDs and read/write on CDs.

What new drive did you put in?


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A Pavilion dv6, also I'm not entirely sure but I think I put a blue ray in. It's not in there anymore it's still the original drive.