E-mail shutting down IPhone in box!?

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Greetings All - It's been a while!

I am not sure where to post this so, here it is -

1)......I use Win XP Pro, SUFFICIENT ram and hd space, etc.

2)......When I send an e-mail using Outlook Express which is part of XP, my relative indicates to me that his IPHONE' "in box" shuts down or closes.

3)......He indicates that mine is the only e-mail when received, does this.

4)......Many others I send mail to have no issues at all.

5)......I have done multiple scans for viruses, malware, etc etc and none detected or found.

6)......Anyone have any idea as to why this happens to or with only my relatives phone?...His argument is an issue at my end and my argument is that it is an issue at HIS end.....ANY IDEAS?
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My "guess" is an incompatibility between an old outlook express and any new phone. Try using a different email client and see if it still happens. I was gonna suggest thunderbird but it no longer supports XP. What email domain are you using?

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Thanks for the reply...
relative is using a "5S or 5" IPhone...Other people whom have IPhones are not affected but, to be fair, I do NOT know what version phone they have.