Economical, basic, and most effective way to play Rome Total War 1


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My father and I would like to know if it was better to buy a laptop or desktop just for Rome Total War 1 and maybe other older games such as Age of Empires. We know the requirements for the game but we don't know what option is best without breaking the bank? We already have a iMac so thats out of the question due to the update.
We were thinking of an economical laptop or basic desktop maybe with a large screen or even connect it to the TV. Thanks!
anything with atleast 4 gigs of ram and a decent gpu
i have a geforce 760 in my old pc and it plays them games pretty well on low settings
if you are in the uk maybe £150 - £300 you should get a decent computer


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Rome Total War is from 2004. Assuming it runs on Win10, whatever you get is fine.

Alternatively, you may be able to run it in a VM running windows xp, but it does want Dx9 so make sure that 3d acceleration is enabled.