Ethernet to wifi extender?

Discussion in 'Computer Networking and Servers' started by happyskunky, Jun 28, 2019.

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    Good evening, I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    Currently I have a desktop PC . I use a tplink usb adapter to get wifi. I live upstairs and the router/WiFi is downstairs. The house has thick walls. There is a WiFi range extender I use but it's in one of the other bedrooms and its not mine. Do you think if I get my own range extender and plug it into a socket outside my bedroom door and use an Ethernet Cable do you think I will get faster internet speed?
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    You could test your desktop in the potential location of the wifi extender, see if it helps.
    You could do this with moving your DESKTOP, or getting a long USB and put your current USB adaptor where your think the extender would go.
    This may be difficult given you have a desktop, but could save you money.

    I would push for a better solution.. Can you run an ethernet cord from the downstairs router, to your upstairs computer location?
    If not, maybe to a more line of site location, that you could put an access point?

    The wifi Range extenders are just so unreliable..

    Good luck.
  3. happyskunky

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    OMG after 5 years of slow wifi in my room and crying on the internet today I finally went to Best buy. I bought Netgear Nighthawk ac1900 WiFi USB adapter (I didn't even know there were pwerful ones like this ). I was using tplink TL-WN722N and my god I see a 5G network I never saw before and I'm getting 4 or 5x the speed I had. I downloaded an assasins Creed game and steam gave me over 5mbs and I usually didn't even get 1mbs . I am in heaven , even YouTube just starts videos now in highest res. I wish I would have taken action 5 years ago!!
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    No harm to try ethernet cable if you have spare one lying around.

    However, i would recommend powerline adaptor instead of wifi extender.

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