Excelling at failing Excel


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The image you attached starts with the column 'AA' and not 'A'. This suggests that there are ~26 hidden columns of data. (A-Z). You may be able to select all cells(Ctrl + A), and right click the top row of column letters and select unhide all.
Also, your issue with updating external links. Try pulling the Ethernet plug so it doesn't try linking to external files on other machines.

To view and VBA code, try pressing Alt+F11. The VBA window will open, and you can double click the 'ThisWorkbook' item on the upper left side. There maybe code in there. If not also look just under that item for a module, or form or an item with a custom name. Code can also be inserted into the sheets, so double click in those. I believe you will have some code In there. Something where something happens On Open.

There is probably function calculations going on, and external references VBA code and hidden cells.

Hope it helps.