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Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by lincsman, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. lincsman

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    Hi there, I have an old Creative Sound Blaster X-fi xtreme music sound card. With almost all of the recording devices, particularly "what u hear," it just says "failed to open sound device, check your sound card settings and project sample rate." When I go into the settings it doesn't show any levels on "what u hear" and when I go to the sample rate settings, it's on 24-bit 4800hz and if I try to change it to anything else (lower) it says that device doesn't support it. Is it broken from not being used for years? Or from being about 7 years old? Is there any way to get it working? Thanks.
    Also music playback works just fine.
  2. johnb35

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    What operating system do you have it in? Is this a pci or pci express card? If pci, then you can probably assume its end of life and no longer supported for latest OS.
  3. Okedokey

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    Turn off onboard sound in the bios, install drivers, restart, try again.
  4. mistersprinkles

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    Time for a new sound solution man. Take a look at a modern soundcard, or better yet, an external USB based solution such as those from Creative, Audioquest, Schiit, O2, etc. Use the DAC for output and use the integrated in/mic on your motherboard for everything else. (This can be done by right clicking the audio icon in the taskbar, selecting "devices" and setting the DAC to default audio device and your onboard sound to default communications device.)

    I suggest the Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC ($140 USD) The sound quality will amaze you and completely destroys your XFI.

    The Dragonfly also has a headphone amp.
  5. Shane

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    Creatives drivers are p.i.t.a to be honest even for older drivers that are confirmed to work for a particular OS they just simply are a headache with the cards not been detected etc.

    You could try and see if PAX Drivers sort this issue out.

    I recently upgraded my sound card to the Titanium HD..downloaded the latest drivers for Windows 10,Card was not detected..uninstalled drivers installed them again,Got a different error..re-installed again..worked. :eek:

    Creative make some fantastic cards,I prefer them to Asus but you cant beat Asus for the drivers.

    Might i suggest getting a Xonar D1..its a very good card and not too expensive.

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