File slow to load....


I use Paperport PRO (version 14 by Kofax formerly Nuance) software (pdf document manager, scanner, organizer, etc.) in my work all day long. I have one annoying issue I hope you can help me with. I am opening an 11 page pdf file (300 dpi, black and white, 921 Kbytes in size) on my desktop computer and it takes 4 seconds to load. On my laptop it loads instantly. I am confused because my desktop is much newer and is supposed to be faster. Any ideas why this might be and what I can do to make the desktop perform like the laptop. Thank you. Frank

Specs on Desktop: AMD FX- 4300 quad core, 3.80 GHz, 8GB ram, running windows 10 and the Paperport software is loaded on a Samsung SSD.

Specs on Laptop: Hewlett Packard G72 notebook, dual core, 2.30 GHz, 3 GB ram, running on Windows 7 and the Paperport software is loaded on a regular hard drive.


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I think any investigative time negatively outweighs four seconds by a large margin.