Fill RAM in all slots?


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Do I need to fill all the slots with ram for maximum ram usage effectiveness? Or 2-4 slots usually provide maximum capabilities?


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All depends on how much ram you actually need to do the things you need to do. If you don't do anything memory demanding then 8 to 16 gb will be enough.


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It used to be that if you had the same amount of memory, 2 sticks, one in each memory bank/controller were slightly faster then using 4. As in it doesn't take as long to search 1 stick vs. 2.


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Depends on the platform. There's actually an article benchmarking slight gains on AM4 ryzen (maybe specific to zen3) by having 4 dimms populated.

I usually just match the quantity of sticks to the channels and buy the highest capacity dimms for future upgradability. This 32GB 2x16G kit from over 3 years ago hasn't had to be upgraded, although I was somewhat tempted to buy more to have all of the slots RGBified :p



Depends on the motherboard. But usually most motherboards have at least 2 banks, so you only need to have a single bank loaded. Use your motherboard manual to find which slots belong to which bank.