Fish Tank Full Of Veggie Oil For Computer.


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it does. it is cool. i just thought it would go on. i mean i have seen this for like 2-3 months. long thread... a good one... just long
It is good! :D I love some of the comments. Honestly, I don't think I would ever try it. Maybe with a cheap system.


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I might try this out next summer if I get really bored, it seems to be an extremely fun experiment.


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The oil does not conduct electricity so everything works, except the fans become strained a little by the viscosity of the oil. Just dry everything off afterward and the components work fine back in a normal case.


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Well, its been 2 months and I am still using the computer that once lived in oil. It is working just as good as it did when I first bought it. The only thing that I had to do was get a new CPU Fan, it stoped working after about 2 weeks. The video card fan is still going strong tho.

Also something really odd is some of the wires (The network cables got it the worst) that were in contact with the oil are now VERY hard, like if I tried to bend them they would crack and not work anymore. This did not happen to any of the wires from the PSU, just stuff that connected to the back of the computer like the mouse and KB, and use plugs. But then again, that oil would get so hot it would burn my hand to put it in and plug somehting in.

I am kinda kicking my self for taking it out. I have a prety big investment into it that would have worked great if I spent more time on gettin the pump to work.


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Nice to see you back!

Its a shame everything didn't work out in the end :(...

Maybe you will get a "wild hair" and dip it again :p


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yea, it would have been nice to post up some extremly low temps. Maybe I will go for another swim in winter. Its about $80 total, Im sure I can get that pump to work if I try at it.


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This made me wonder, would diesel fuel work?

It would be "somewhat" cheap and have low viscosity.

And the 1/2 motor should have been EXTREME overkill something was wrong.


This isn't new or radicial. It's been doing before. So has liquid nitrogen.

i'm sure most everything that is possible has been tried already. for those of us that haven't seen it before, this thread still serves a purpose. you don't want to see it, don't come to it. there is no lack of space on the internet


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No, I'm not mad at all. Dirty86's putting words in my mouth is rather a nuisance, but it doesn't make me mad either. This thread is old and should be left as is. If people wanna look up water/oil cooling and find it and check it out and thinks its cool? That's great but it should be left at that. That's all I'm saying.