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Discussion in 'General Software' started by DanielPatrick, Dec 25, 2018.

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    What software do you recommend for keeping inventory up to date and alerting you when you need to order something that is out of stock? Maybe something that is used locally and can be backed up on the cloud? I am looking for something that is free but reliable to use.

    I want to use it both for selling online such as eBay and Amazon and for the company where I work at. We are currently using an Excel sheet but would like to find something more specific and can handle the job easier. At work, I insert each item to the list with serial numbers whether it's a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. and would need to check manually whenever we need to order any new stock.

    I'm also looking for something that gives you information such as which laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse was assigned to the user as it would be especially useful when someone leaves the company and you need to collect all their hardware back.

    Therefore, can you suggest something please?
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