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Discussion in 'General Software' started by GalaxyDreamer90, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. GalaxyDreamer90

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    Just for fun I'm thinking about recording video of gameplay and uploading to YouTube. I have found a good free program for recording called OBS studio, but I would also like a free video editing program. I have windows 10 and it comes with video editor but I'm not sure how good it is. I'm not looking for anything fancy just something like ivideo for apple devices. What would you reccomend.
  2. UnholyVision

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    These are kind of fancy, but quiet easy to use. Try Kdenlive, Openshot, Davinci Resolve (The free version), or Light Works (Free version). Kdenlive & Openshot have no paid version. Their completely free and open-source software.

    I've used all of these. Kdenlive and Davinci Resolve would be my favorites out of that list.
  3. DMGrier

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  4. GalaxyDreamer90

    GalaxyDreamer90 New Member

    I have found that open shot seems to be pretty good for basic video editing and I'm thinking about posting how to draw videos instead of gameplay videos on my YouTube channel.
  5. corewill2003

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    If you're going to do basic video editing, Windows Live Movie Maker should do the job sufficiently. I have a download link for it: Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2012

    It's pretty good for basic video editing, if you're looking to do advanced stuff you'd probably have to either crack or buy Sony Vegas but Movie Maker is good for the basics.
  6. _Kyle_

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    Just want to give you a quick tip of advice. Look at the date on posts. These ones are from November, so the OP probably already solved the problem.

    Anyways, welcome to CoFo. :)

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